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IROAD FX2-PRO-1 Dash Camera

Experience the ultimate single-channel dash cam solution with the IROAD FX2-PRO-1. Featuring premium capabilities such as the Sony STARVIS sensor and 60fps video recording, this dash cam also includes WiFi and GPS for seamless connectivity.

  • Single Channel Dash Camera
  • Full HD SONY Starvis Image Sensor
  • 140° Viewing Angle
  • GPS, WiFi, and ADAS equipped
  • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty


IROAD FX2-PRO-1 Dash Camera


Long Drive Recording With Hyper Lapse

Say goodbye to concerns about missing crucial moments during long drives. Hyper Lapse technology compresses recorded video, allowing you to store four times more footage by minimising memory usage.

In the event of an impact or important incident, the recording frame rate automatically switches to 30 fps, ensuring you capture clear and detailed images of those critical moments.

Buffered Impact & Motion Detection

The FX2-PRO-1 automatically initiates Event recording when motion or impact is detected during parking mode, or when an impact is detected while driving. With buffered recording technology, each event video captures 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the event occurs.

Event files are saved separately for easy access and can be viewed through both the PC Viewer and the IROAD Mobile App.

Manual Recording

By pressing the Manual Recording button, you can create Event files on demand, whether you’re witnessing a traffic incident or capturing something interesting on the road. The dash cam records and stores 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the button is pressed, ensuring you don’t miss a moment.

Enhance Safety with Speed Camera Alerts

Stay ahead of potential speeding tickets and accidents with Speed Camera Alerts. By leveraging an active GPS connection and the latest Cyclops database, the dash cam alerts drivers to upcoming speed cameras and red-light cameras through voice prompts. This proactive approach enhances safety for all road users, including vehicles and pedestrians. Ensure you regularly update the Cyclops database for the latest information, with quarterly releases available for download.

Here’s the process:
  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Copy and paste the extracted file (.dat) onto the FX2-PRO or FX2-PRO-1 SD Card.
  4. Safely eject the SD Card from your computer.
  5. Insert the SD Card into the dash camera and power it on as usual

Parking Mode with Minimal Power Consumption

IROAD’s new Sleep Mode significantly reduces power consumption, allowing for extended video recording while your vehicle is parked compared to the standard parking mode.

When the vehicle is parked, the dash cam enters “sleep” mode. Upon detecting an impact, it wakes up, records a 30-second video, saves it to the SD card, and then returns to “sleep” mode.

Dynamic Recording at 60 FPS

Capturing video at 60 frames per second ensures exceptionally smooth footage, maintaining intricate details with remarkable clarity, especially during high-speed situations. Doubling the frame rate from the standard 30fps significantly reduces motion blur, enhancing the camera’s ability to capture crucial details, such as license plates, even in fast-moving scenarios.

*60fps recording is exclusive to front camera-only recording*

Time Lapse

Enjoy prolonged Parking Mode recording with IROAD Time Lapse. This low-capacity recording method saves storage space by compressing footage and recording at 1fps while in Parking Mode. When the FX2-PRO-1 detects impact or motion, it automatically switches to 30fps recording to capture clear images of important moments.

FX2-PRO-1 Energy Saving Standby Duration

* Based on a 12,000mAh battery (Powerpack Pro 12)
* Variables: Temperature, battery efficiency over time, and changes in current after detection.

10mA 1100 40





Front: 1080p Full HD @ 30fps
Hyper-Lapse (Driving Mode) @ 1fps
Time-Lapse (Parking Mode) @ 1fps
Impact Recording (30 Seconds) @ 30fps


Front: Sony STARVIS (IMX307) Sensor


Diagonal 140°


Built-in GPS


External Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)


3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)


Driving Recording (continuous)
Impact Recording
Time-lapse Parking Mode (with Impact and Motion Detection)
Manual Recording


Micro SD card up to 256GB


DC 12V~24V



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Package Contents

Front Camera
Front Camera
Wi-Fi Dongle
Wi-Fi Dongle
MicroSD Card
MicroSD Card
Uninterrupted Fuse Cable
Uninterrupted Fuse Cable
Quick Guide
Quick Guide
Mount with 3M tape(1ea)
Mount with 3M tape(1ea)



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SONY Starvis

The IROAD FX2-PRO-1 features a premium SONY Starvis Image Sensor, ensuring unparalleled video sharpness and exceptional night time footage quality.

This advanced image sensor delivers recordings that are significantly brighter and clearer than what the human eye can see, even in low light conditions.



Strvis Images Sensor

Real HDR

Real HDR technology is integrated to eliminate light blurring during night time driving, ensuring clear and vibrant recordings even in challenging lighting environments like backlighting and tunnels. This advanced feature enables the IROAD FX2-PRO-1 to capture the full dynamic range of any scene, enhancing clarity and contrast throughout the entire video. This makes it an ideal option for drivers seeking dependable and high-quality footage, regardless of lighting conditions.



Crisp 1080P Full HD Resolution

Powered by the SONY Starvis Image Sensor, the IROAD FX2-PRO-1 ensures consistent Full HD 1080p recording, day or night. With its 140-degree wide-angle lens, blind spots are minimised, guaranteeing the capture of all significant events without compromise.


Enhanced Image Clarity – The implementation of the SONY Starvis sensor significantly enhances image quality, particularly during night time recording. Delivering sharper, more vibrant colours in Full HD images, this sensor ensures exceptional image clarity even in low-light conditions.


The IROAD FX2-PRO-1 features an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) equipped with a Road Safety Warning System. This system delivers audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW), utilizing advanced technology to detect road markings. In the event of lane deviation or an impending collision, the system provides voice warnings to the driver, enhancing safety on the road.

Additionally, the built-in GPS antenna tracks your vehicle’s speed, time, and route history. This enables the dash cam to provide alerts for upcoming red light cameras and speed cameras, further bolstering your awareness and safety while driving.


Lane Departure Warning System

LDWS operates in a way that the front camera recognizes the road lane in real time and, if the driver falls asleep while driving or drives poorly, causing the car to depart the lane, it will notify about it through the preset warning sound.


Front Vehicle Departure Warning

When the car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, FVDW informs the driver when the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing delayed departure.


Wide Viewing Angle


With its 140-degree wide-angle lens, the FX2-PRO-1 minimises blind spots, ensuring that all scenes visible through the front windshield are comprehensively recorded.


Battery Discharge Prevention


To prevent vehicle battery discharge, the dash cam detects voltage drops and automatically shuts down when the battery reaches a predetermined threshold. Users can adjust the voltage cut-off point from the camera’s settings for customised protection.


Built-in Gps


The built-in GPS in the IROAD FX2-PRO-1 precisely tracks the vehicle’s location, routes, and driving speed. This data is easily accessible through the user-friendly Analysis tab within the IROAD app, providing a comprehensive overview of route history and event statistics.


Comprehensive Driving Data Through


The GPS data in the IROAD FX2-PRO-1 can precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location and routes on the map, while also displaying the driving speed. This helps to more accurately assess the situation and the circumstances in case of an accident.


High Durability


The IROAD FX2-PRO-1 is designed to withstand high and low temperatures, ensuring smooth operation in any environment. Its high-temperature protection feature automatically shuts down the device in case of overheating, safeguarding both the device and stored data.


High-efficiency Video Coding Format

The Format Free 2.0 technology minimises errors and maximises memory card lifespan and stability by storing images sequentially without the need for a separate format. This advanced coding format allows for higher compression rates, efficient use of memory space, and excellent image quality, ensuring reliable and stable video recording.

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