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IROAD Dash Cam X11

(3 customer reviews)

The IROAD X11 Dash Cam is a popular choice, providing premium 2K resolution for both front and rear cameras. Experience the road in True 2K QHD 1440p with a wide field of view, ensuring unparalleled protection for your vehicle.

  • Front and Rear dual-channel camera system
  • 2K QHD Sony Starvis sensors for superior image quality
  • Wide 155º viewing angle (front & rear)
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and ADAS equipped
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


IROAD Dash Cam X11

Front / Rear: QHD 2560x1440p @30fps

5-Megapixel SONY STARVIS Sensor

1440p Quad HD Resolution

With its 1440p Quad HD Resolution, the IROAD X11 offers exceptional clarity and detail, boasting a resolution of 2560 x 1440p and 5.0M pixels. Utilising the Sony IMX335 sensor, this dashcam enhances video quality even in low-light conditions, minimising over-exposure while delivering sharper images. Compared to traditional HD resolution, the IROAD X11 captures four times the clarity, providing crystal-clear 1440p QHD front and rear recording both day and night.

The IROAD X11 Rear Camera features the SONY STARVIS sensor, significantly enhancing image quality, particularly in low-light settings. This improvement ensures vivid colours and excellent nighttime visibility in QHD images, elevating overall recording performance.

Wide Viewing Angle

With a 155º wide-angle lens, the IROAD X11 ensures comprehensive coverage and minimises blind spots, ensuring that the entire scene through the front and rear windshields are fully recorded.

Impact & Motion Detection

The IROAD X11 automatically initiates event recording upon detecting motion or impact within the vehicle, whether in parking or driving mode. These event files are stored separately for convenient access via both the PC viewer and Mobile App.

Parking Mode Recording

The IROAD Time Lapse feature enables continuous recording at 1fps in parking mode, offering significant memory savings compared to traditional dash cameras. With the ability to extend recording time up to 30 times longer, it ensures crucial footage is captured without the risk of files being lost due to insufficient memory space. This feature is optimised for efficient memory usage, providing peace of mind during extended periods of parking surveillance.

Extreme Memory Efficiency

The IROAD X11's Time Lapse feature maximises memory capacity for significantly longer recording times compared to standard parking mode. This ensures comprehensive vehicle protection and enables the retrieval of crucial video footage when needed. Automatically activating at 1fps during parking and increasing to 10fps in the event of impacts or movements, it offers seamless surveillance and peace of mind.

FPS 10fps 1fps

Format Free 2.0: The Most Stable System

The file system has been bolstered in stability through the utilisation of the IVS system. Recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit, ensuring much greater safety than previously utilised formats. The IVS format eliminates the need for regular formatting, while the automatic rebooting function guarantees the safety of both the device and its data.

Data Recovery

Saved images can be memorized and restored using the auto recovery system. Additionally, by allocating data to a certain size, users can adjust the recording data as needed and allocate space accordingly.

Faster GPS Reception Speed

Faster GPS Reception Speed

Synchronized with Google Maps, the external GPS tracks traveling speed, records driving information, and supports ADAS functions.

LBP-battery Discharge Prevention

LBP-battery Discharge Prevention

For battery protection, the system automatically detects and cuts off voltage when it drops below a certain point. Once initiated, recording stops and power is turned off. The motion detection function effectively saves battery power.

All Glass Lens for Stability in High Temperatures

All Glass Lens for Stability in High Temperatures

Equipped with an all-glass lens that remains stable even under high or low temperatures, ensuring optimized image quality.

High-temperature Protection

High-temperature Protection

The IROAD X11 is highly durable, capable of enduring high and low temperatures to maintain stable device operation. The device safeguards against intense heat by automatically powering off to prevent overheating and protecting its data.

About The Device

About Device
About Device
About Device
About Device
About Device
About Device





Front : SONY STARVIS (IMX335) Image Sensor
Rear : SONY STARVIS (IMX335) Image Sensor


Front & Rear : QHD 2560 x 1440 @ 30fps


Front & Rear : 155°


Available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB


Automatically increases brightness by threefold in parking mode


Allows for smartphone playback and settings adjustment, as well as automatic firmware upgrades
Note: IROAD Cloud capable with optional Cloud / Wi-Fi Dongle


LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
FVDW (Front Vehicle Departure Warning)


Cut-off and booting voltage settings for Constant Power (LBP)


External GPS Antenna


3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)


Includes normal recording, event recording (activated upon impact detection in both normal and parking modes), parking recording (triggered by motion detection or Timelapse mode), and manual recording


-20ºC ~ 70ºC Operating Temperature
-30ºC ~ 90ºC Storage temperature


10% ~ 95%


Security LED / Operation Status LED / GPS Receiver LED


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit ~ 64-bit support) Mac (OS X 10.7 64-bit or higher)


(Android 6.0, iOS 10.0 or higher : Firmware update supported)

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Package Contents

Front Camera
Front Camera
Rear Camera
Rear Camera
Wi-Fi Dongle
Wi-Fi Dongle
MicroSD Card
MicroSD Card
Uninterrupted Fuse Cable
Uninterrupted Fuse Cable
Rear Camera Cable
Rear Camera Cable
Guide / Warranty Card
Guide / Warranty Card
Mount with 3M tape(1ea)
Mount with 3M tape(1ea)
GPS Antenna
GPS Antenna


3 reviews for IROAD Dash Cam X11

  1. Haley

    Great product, paid itself off! – Purchased in April 2022 after husband did lots of research. In July, we were involved in a small accident and were able to use the footage to prove our innocence in the situation. Footage was very clear and was easy to download. Product has already paid itself off. Had installed at dealer in Liverpool who were great in explaining how to use it.

  2. S. Nicol

    Great unit – with couple of traps. Fantastic support – I was looking for a dashcam for my Suzuki Jimny and CAM (Car Audio Masters ) recommended either Thinkware or iRoad and advised me to contact Darren Clark at Audio Addict in Moonah. Darren recommended an iRoad unit and I decided on the X11 as giving best resolution (2560×1440 / 30fps front and rear cameras) at a reasonable price.). Mine came with a 256GB micro SD for recording and also with an .exe file for Windows and a link to a Mac application download so that you could read the SD card on a computer if you wanted.
    Darren provided excellent service and made a very neat installation job and ran me through the setting up and linking to my phone. When I got home I was able to download video from the unit straight to my phone. The video is stored on the microSD card as a series of short clips of a bit less than a minute. Because I wanted to look at longer clips from 4WD trips, rather than specific incidents (or accidents) I wanted to see if I could watch the video on my desktop Mac. The dashcam unit comes with an adaptor so the microSD can be plugged into the standard SD slot on a computer. Without removing the cam from the windscreen I popped out the card and plugged it into the computer. The disk had a Windows program and a link to allow me to download a Mac program called iRoad viewer. But it didn’t work. The app store had a version that didn’t work either. Eventually I was able to find a working version on the iRoad Korean homepage. Checking on line shows that other Mac users had given up on the Mac app completely. Once you have the right version it works very well. The video is excellent quality and shows date, time, and vehicle speed.

    Then disaster when I put the card back in the unit. It slid through a gap beside the SD holder and into the sealed unit. When I removed the unit from the windscreen I could see that microSD card slot was quite wide, with a gap between the metal card holder and the plastic body of the unit. I contacted Darren and he asked me to bring the unit in and swapped my unit for a new one.

    After I had checked the new unit I once again tried downloading straight to my computer. All worked well, but when I very carefully put the card back into the unit on the windscreen, it too missed the holder and fell into the body of the unit. This time I contacted Matt Psaras – the National Sales Manager and arranged another replacement unit. With some more patient coaching from Matt I was able to get the next unit set up and working properly.

    So, my conclusions. Technically an excellent unit, fantastic support, locally and nationally. But what bad design that it is possible for the card to slip inside the unit when you are inserting it, no matter how careful you are. It is nearly impossible to get the card into the correct slot while the unit is on the window. So if you want to access the SD card remove the whole unit so you can see what you are doing. And it seems pretty slack to distribute the unit with incompatible software on the SD card.

    The attached video shows a near incident when I stopped for a wallaby on the track at the end of a 4WD trip, showing the video from front and rear view cameras. (that is my horn)

  3. donald bourke

    UPGRADING OF DASH CAM – Sent faulty unit (discontinued unit)back and was called with any easy upgrade offer and supplied with the new unit within 3 days… excellent service. Had trouble attaching unit and was supplied with additional parts (and over the phone advice) by mail within two days. Excellent service.

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SONY STARVIS Image Sensors

The IROAD X11 features advanced Sony Starvis Image Sensors, renowned for their superior sharpness and night image quality. Equipped with these sensors, the X11 captures exceptionally bright and clear images, even in low-light environments, providing enhanced visibility compared to the naked eye.



Starvis IMX335


X-Vision technology ensures optimal video quality and outstanding low-light performance. In parking mode, the surrounding brightness is automatically assessed within 5 seconds, adjusting the recording brightness to three times higher when the illumination is low. This capability ensures bright and clear image capture not only in parking mode but also whilst driving.

Normal parking mode

X-Vision parking mode

Optimized File Managment

The IROAD X11 boasts ample storage capacity to accommodate extensive recording needs. With support for high-capacity microSD cards, users can store a large volume of footage without worry. Additionally, the Format Free 2.0 system enhances memory efficiency, allowing for extended recording times without the need for regular formatting. This ensures continuous and reliable recording, safeguarding important footage whenever needed.

Storage Time By Memory Card


Front : QHD (2560 x 1440) + Rear : QHD (2560 x 1440)

[Frame Rate]
  • Driving mode : 30fps
  • Parking mode (Event/Motion) : 10fps
  • Parking mode (Timelapse) : 1fps
  • A = Driving mode 100%

    • 32GB : About 2H 50Min
    • 64GB : About 5H 40Min
    • 128GB : About 11H 15Min
    • 256GB : About 22H 30Min
  • B = Parking mode : Event (Motion) 50% + Timelapse 50%

    • 32GB : About 15H 50Min
    • 64GB : About 31H 30Min
    • 128GB : About 62H 50Min
    • 256GB : About 125H 40Min
  • C = Parking mode : Timelapse 100%

    • 32GB : About 24H 20Min
    • 64GB : About 48H 40Min
    • 128GB : About 97H 10Min
    • 256GB : About 194H 10Min
  • A + B = Driving mode 50% + Parking mode 50%

    • 32GB : About 9H 20Min
    • 64GB : About 18H 40Min
    • 128GB : About 37H 20Min
    • 256GB : About 74H 40Min
  • A + C = Driving mode 50% + Parking mode (Timelapse) 50%

    • 32GB : About 13H 50Min
    • 64GB : About 27H 20Min
    • 128GB : About 54H 40Min
    • 256GB : About 109H 20Min

Real HDR

Enhanced Clarity with Real HDR

The IROAD X11 incorporates Real HDR technology in both the front and rear cameras, ensuring consistently clear video footage. Real HDR effectively eliminates light blurring, particularly during nighttime driving, and maintains clear recording quality in challenging lighting scenarios such as backlighting and tunnels.



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Supporting local businesses is essential, which is why we have established trusted resellers throughout Australia and NZ for your convenience. If you’re unable to locate a dealer in your area, simply give us a call at 1300 818 622, and we’ll connect you with a local IROAD expert who can assist you. With our network of retailers and resellers, you won’t have to travel far to find IROAD.