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IROAD Powerpack PRO12 (12000mA)

Discover the IROAD Powerpack Pro 12, providing a secure and sustainable power source for your dash camera.

  • Latest Model 2022 Release
  • Incorporates Advanced Battery Technology
  • Impressive Run Time: Over 48 hours (Based on FX2, 2 CH system)
  • Boasts Best-in-Class 12000mAh (LiFePo4) Capacity
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Covered by an Australian Warranty


IROAD Powerpack PRO12 (12000mA)

Enhanced Intelligence with Second Generation BMS

Experience heightened security with our Battery Management System (BMS), now in its second generation.

Advanced Safety Features: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Our IROAD Powerpack Pro12 features a Multiple Safety Lock System, offering double protection against high temperatures, overcharge, overvoltage, and short-circuiting. With sophisticated circuitry, it automatically shuts off power when detecting abnormal battery temperatures, prioritising your security.

Additionally, our system precisely regulates voltage and cell balance, preventing overcharging and overvoltage issues. This ensures optimal battery performance and longevity.

Utilizing LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery technology, our Powerpack Pro12 boasts a lifespan three times longer than traditional lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries. This technology provides exceptional stability against fire and explosions, allowing for over 2000 charging cycles.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation and Sleek Design

The IROAD Powerpack Pro features a compressed aluminium full-case design, bolstering its heat dissipation capabilities. With upgraded durability and a sturdy sanding treated exterior material, it ensures long lasting performance. Its slim profile allows for versatile installation in any setting.


product name



160 x 254 x43 mm / 2KG


LiFePO4(Lithium iron phosphate)


12.8V I 12,000mAh I 153Wh


12~18V I 12A Max


12~14.2V I 2A Max


LOW (Normal charging mode) 14.2V I 4A (Cigar jack type)
HIGH (Fast charging mode) 14.2V I 8A (Hardwiring type)


LOW (Normal charging mode) : 3 hour(90% charge, 4A)
HIGH (Fast charging mode) : 90 mins (90% charge, 8A)


Up to 48 hours(Based on 2.6W power consumption)



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Power Pack

IROAD powerpack pro 12
IROAD powerpack pro 12
F-Input Cable
F-Input Cable
Output Cable
Output Cable
3Types, Dual Fuse Holder
3Types, Dual Fuse Holder
Velcro Tape *2
Velcro Tape *2
Quick Guide
Quick Guide



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Introducing the IROAD Powerpack Pro 12 offering advanced high-capacity battery backup support for your dash camera. Stay protected with this external battery pack, providing sustainable power supply and rapid charging capabilities.

IROAD Power Pro 12


90 Min
56 Hours

Power Consumption 2.4W (IROAD X5, Parking Mode)

Ensure Safe Installation: Detect and Resolve Errors

For safety, it’s crucial to check for proper installation of your IROAD Battery Pack. If the cable isn’t connected correctly, follow these steps to inspect your battery state:

  • With the ignition on, if you see the Vin1 value but not the ACC1 value, please verify the ACC line installation.
  • With the ignition on, if ACC1 is displayed but not Vin1, try removing the output cable and checking if the values remain consistent.
  • If the OLED display persists after removing the output cable, a short-circuit in the output cable is suspected.
  • Verify the integrity of the uninterrupted fuse cable and connections to rectify the issue promptly.

Stay Informed with Real Time Battery Monitoring

Monitor your battery’s status in real-time with our IROAD Battery Pack. Utilise the OLED Display to easily view charging progress and current battery state. Additionally, intuitive LED indicators provide clear operation status updates at a glance, ensuring you’re always aware of your battery’s condition.

  • Displays ACC voltage / VCC Voltage / Output voltage
  • Displays the estimated remaining battery capacity of thr auxiliary battery
  • Input current (HIGH-8A, FULL / LOW-4A, HALF) status, charging (CHAR), Displays the standby status
  • Displays the current battery voltage / charging amperage firmware version and circuit temperature
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