Get IROAD on your Side this Holiday Season

If your family is hitting the road this holiday season, then a premium quality IROAD dash cam is a worthy investment for both your safety and peace of mind.

In a time where vehicle insurance claims from car park accidents and on-road incidents are on the rise, an IROAD dash cam can provide the evidence you need to confirm your side of the story when making a claim or reporting an incident to authorities.

An IROAD dash cam is also a great way to record your adventures and improve your off-road skills. Imagine capturing those spectacular moments in your 4WD when you are off-roading or recording your caravanning journey across the Australian outback. An IROAD dash cam is a great tool to record those holiday memories.

So how do you decide which IROAD dash cam is right for you?

The IROAD X9, our latest dash cam to hit the market pushes the limits on modern dash cams in the world. It was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018. With FULL HD 1080p 2-channel recording at 30FPS and the widest camera lens in this category of dash cams, this system packs high video quality and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities into a small sleek design. It also comes jam-packed full of fantastic features like X-vision, parking mode and advanced driver assistance systems, which will be sure to please any dash cam enthusiasts.

The IROAD TX9 was the first 3K model to hit the Australian market earlier this year. This dual channel (front and rear dash cam) is at the top of its class in all aspects and is for those drivers who want the very best. Boasting a 6MPlens, 150-degree viewing angle both on the front and rear camera, Wi-Fi capabilities, ADAS and app control. The TX9 also features a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, which is handy for people who want to view recordings on the device itself rather than connecting to the APP. It’s as easy as touching the screen and viewing your saved files. If you are not great with app technology then this is the perfect model for you. By viewing on the device itself, you are able to document your adventures whether it be off-roading, caravanning or road tripping with the family.

IROAD’s single camera system, the X1 is a front only dash cam. It comes with all of the amazing features of the IROAD X9 but at 60 FPSit gives you the smoothest recording in its class. This model is perfect for drivers of utes, vans or trucks as it is a premium single channel system.

If you want to get yourself a dash cam but you’re on a budget, then the IROAD A4 is the one for you. This entry level, single channel full HD, 30FPS dash cam is the only camera on the market that comes with WiFi in its class and price range. What this means is that you have app connectivity allowing you to view saved files and adjust camera settings from your smart device. Don’t be fooled by the entry-level price, the IROAD A4 is jam-packed with features and value.

Whether you want peace of mind on the road this holiday season, or a method to record your adventures, there is an IROAD dash cam waiting for you.