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IROAD X11 – QHD Recording both Front and Back

Did you know that most accidents in Australia’s busiest driving areas such as cities and regional urban are nose to tail accidents? Over 50% of the total accidents involve a person driving into another from behind. These can range from slow bumps to major collisions but all resulting in some damage to one or both vehicles.

Source: (Budget Direct Car accidents survey & statistics 2021)

The disturbing fact however is that in nearly 7% of these accidents the at-fault driver does not stop to exchange details. If somebody hits you from behind and decides to drive off – how do you know who hit you, how do you identify the vehicle and what proof do you have for your insurance agency?

How Clear Is Your Rear Camera?

Many Dash Camera brands focus their technology on the front facing camera but neglect the rear facing camera to reduce the cost, or don’t include one at all. Low camera picture quality, poor low light performance and narrow viewing angles can really hamper the rear camera’s ability to provide a clear account of what happened in a crash.

For the better camera brands most rear facing cameras are 1080p Full HD. We have covered the difference in the resolution (1080P vs 4K) and what difference it can make to playback quality. However if you are to playback fast moving images on a computer screen then the higher the resolution will provide greater clarity without pixilation.

The IROAD X11 provides motorists the best of both worlds with both front and rear high quality 1440p 5mp QHD dash cameras without the cost of a Full 4K camera set-up. The X11 set up means the same enhanced picture quality is watching the rear of the vehicle as well as the front. With most accidents that you need to claim on insurance coming from the rear, IROAD has recognised the need to have a high quality camera option watching the rear at all times.

Night-time Clarity and Safety

Many cheaper cameras don’t work well in low light or at night. Unable to enhance the image these cameras provide dark images ensuring small details, like licence plates are harder to read.  

The IROAD X11 uses a SONY Starvis Image Sensor and X-Vision to enhance the image by up to 3 times in low light meaning your video will always be clear and easy to see. What’s more this night time clarity extends to parking mode. If you leave your vehicle on the street or driveway at night then it will continue to record in this mode. See the difference when used. 

Fewer Blind Spots with Wider Camera Angles

Both cameras offer a wide 155 degrees of viewing on both the front and back. This really comes into its own by protecting the corners of the vehicle from lane changes of another vehicle.

Event File Protection

If a sudden event is detected such as an impact, sudden braking or motion not consistent with normal, the recording is protected. This will be stored in the file away from the normal footage until manually deleted at a later time by the owner. Perfect for those moments straight after a crash when thoughts are elsewhere or you are in shock.  

Time Lapse Parking Mode

The IROAD X11 records in parking mode differently to all other camera brands. Like the X10, it films at 1fps it allows up to 30 times more continuous recording than all the other brands. If a motion or impact is detected then it will save the file and warn the owner of the impact when the vehicle is next used.

In summary the X11 provides the best of both worlds by having QHD 1440p 5mp front and rear cameras without the expense of going to the X10 4K camera versions. The improvements in picture quality over a normal 1080p camera are phenomenal and really does make the difference when it comes to viewing.

Check out the IROAD X11 online today or check out the video.