The Infrared Dash Camera Hero

Today we are looking at the new Infrared Dash Camera and how it’s adding an extra safety dimension for our customers. 

Dash cameras give the driver a constant set of eyes on the road. Offering extra safety driving aids as well as recording nearly everything the driver sees. It also watches when you are away from the vehicle when parked.

This is invaluable when it comes to protecting your vehicle. It also ensures your word is backed up with video evidence if needed.

Blind Spot

With the rise of taxi and ride share drivers and private car hire, how can this extra set of eyes be used to monitor the driver and passengers and give those key safety features to you?

The NEW (IR) Infrared Dash Camera that has just been launched will give you all the coverage you need, day and night. Monitoring your passengers and what happens is often a big deterrent to any wayward behaviour and gives you extra piece of mind while driving.

Can really see in the dark.

It is not just a fancy name that has been given to this smart piece of tech. The camera has really been designed to be a specialist in recording a dark vehicle interior with infrared light.

The IROAD IR Infrared Dash Camera gives you the ability to record the whole cabin in darkness. All the while seeing all the details necessary 24/7. With the IR technology there are no lights facing into the cabin that can distract the driver.

The IR Camera has market leading wide 136 angle lens and full 1080p HD 30fps recording. Every bit of detail is picked up both day and night synced with your chosen front camera for full download when needed.

Easy options and install.

The new IROAD Infrared Dash Camera is available in multiple options. You can purchase it by itself and add it to your existing X Range with the 1m cable that is included. These are the X10, X9 or X5. Or you can purchase it in an X9 IR or the dedicated X5 IR from one of our specialists.

The IR camera replaces the traditional rear facing camera in these packs.

Hot Tip – if you do part time ride share in your vehicle you can have both options. Use the rear camera when driving yourself or your family around. Then just switch the cable into the IR Camera when taking passengers.