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IROAD Launches 4K Model: The X10 and It Packs a Punch!

It’s an exciting time for IROAD fans, with the release of the new and highly anticipated 4K UHD model, the IROAD X10.

The X10 captures true 4K UHD footage making it one of the highest resolution dash cams on the market! Housed in a sleek and stylish designed unit, the IROAD X10 brings to the table all of the premium features that IROAD’s previous flagship dash cam models had on board, but with even more!

X10 High Performance 4K UHD

IROAD X10 UHD Dash Cam

The Top Features of the IROAD X10 Include:

  1. 3840×2160 4K Ultra HD resolution + 8MP CMOS sensor in the front camera. What this means is that the video quality is crystal clear while giving you the absolute best opportunity at picking up the finer details, such as number plates. The rear camera resolution is 1080p full HD with a 2.1 Megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS sensor.
    4K Ultra High Definition CaptureShowcasing 2160p 4K ultra HD resolution + 8mp CMOS sensor in the front camera. This is a high-performance dual-channel dash cam that packs a punch.
  2. A whopping 160° angle of view in the front camera to capture maximum action around your car.
  3. New h.265 codec, also called high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting. This keeps 4K UHD file sizes down so you can still fit the maximum amount of video files on the micro SD card.
  4. X-Vision technology, which results in crisp and clear recorded images even in low light environments. X-vision works by automatically analysing the surrounding brightness within 5 seconds of activation, setting the recording brightness up to 3 times higher when the surrounding illumination is low.
    X-Vision Parking Mode
  5. Event file overwrite protection. Event files are locked and protected from loop recording. What this means is your important events such as accidents or impacts cannot be overwritten.
  6. Format free auto-recovery technology, which is one of the most stable file systems as recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit. Given that IROAD uses its own .jdr file format, new memory cards do not require regular formatting, which guarantees the safety of the data and the device. What’s more, saved images can be restored with the auto-recovery system, which means you never have to worry about losing vital footage. Finally, its automatic reboot function protects the unit by checking for SD card errors and organising the saved data.
  7. Time Lapse technology, allows the X10 to continuously record at 1FPS (one frame per second) during parking mode. Preventing recorded files from being lost due to insufficient memory space.

Furthermore, what’s really cool is the optional extra, the IROAD X-scanner. The X-Scanner provides vehicle information to the driver in real-time such as fuel consumption, speed fuel level, Coolant temp, Transmission oil temp, battery info and DPF info. That way if you have an issue, you don’t have to take the vehicle to a mechanic to diagnose the problem. That’s because with an X-scanner you can figure out what’s wrong with the car and then you can have it fixed. It’s like having a Doctor on board, but for your vehicle.

X10 Dash Cam with Scanner

IRoad OBD Real Time Data