Why it Makes Sense to Buy Quality Dash Cam for your Vehicle?

Ready to buy car dash cam but will any dash cam do?

Car dash cameras have seen a recent boom in demand, as car owners understand the merits of installing a dash cam in their car. While there are plethora of options to buy dash cam online or even in store from $30 to $900, choosing top quality offers multiple benefits.

So why do advanced car dash cams stand out from the generic low-quality dash cams? Here’s why:

  • High-Performance engineering promises vigilant eyes for the road

Dash cams work as your extra set of eyes for the road!

It can be your proof in settling insurance disputes, claims and even help you improve the way you drive. However, this purpose is best achieved by choosing a quality car dash cam.

As world’s leading dash camera manufacturer, IROAD is reputed for engineering highly reliable, high-performing cameras that never disappoint. Unlike the low-grade dash cams that may not perform efficiently under all conditions, IROAD cams include components of the highest quality, thus ensuring that the dash cams do not succumb when exposed to high temperatures. This is particularly important in Australia where temps can exceed

Additionally, IROAD dash cams come equipped with external GPS and road safety warning system that provides advanced driver assistance systems. It also provides audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCSW) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW) for better road safety.

  • High-quality footage protects you from insurance fraud

Did you know that most insurance policies accept dash cam evidence in the event of a car accident?

 As a result of the alarming rise in cash-for-crash claims, many car owners are equipping themselves with dash cams to serve as evidence for insurance claims.  However, the sharp quality of video footage from quality car cams is no match for the low video quality cheaper dash cams that often see their plastic lens distort due to heat.

High-quality dash cams like IROAD dash cam use a combination of world-class software and hardware to produce crystal clear, bright and higher-quality footage. IROAD cameras come equipped with world-class SONY Starvis, Sony Exmor and CMOS image sensors and also intelligent night-vision for outstanding visibility, during the day and even in low light environments. These capture at 30 fps in both front and rear while also offering a 90-degree rotatable lens and 150-degree wide angle for best-in-class video footage.

  • Versatile features to prevent a theft

A car is stolen in Australia every ten minutes and NSW has the second highest amount of vehicle theft in Australia.

Quality dash cams capture everything all the time, even when your car is parked and you are nowhere nearby. All IROAD dash cams come equipped with advanced motion detection and parking mode that runs while you are away from your vehicle. Thus you will have evidence to show to the police and the insurance company.

Next-generation dash cams from IROAD Australia come with various autonomous recording modes that include

  • Continuous Recording Mode – When the car is started, the device is automatically activated and recorded in 1 min segment with auto looping.
  • Impact Recording Mode – Automatically starts recording upon any impact during parking or driving.
  • Motion Recording Mode – During parking or driving when motion is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start a recording event.

The innovative Battery Discharge Prevention detects and cuts off power to save battery in addition to the next generation JDR Format Free Technology that does not require deleting or reformatting of the memory card.

  • Ease of use

Quality dash cams provide a superb user-friendly experience and are easy to operate. Excellent construction, high aesthetics and design-build make it a great investment. IROAD dash cams come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for simultaneous connection to your smartphone or tablet. Further, the dedicated IROAD app allows you to view the video in real time and download or delete videos on your smartphone.

  • Premium customer support and regular firmware updates

Accessible and convenient customer support is the hallmark of global leading brands. At IROAD Australia, our customer service team is just a call away for support from people who know your dash cams best and can resolve most issues in a single call. Moreover, we provide regular firmware updates to keep your dash cam in-sync with the latest technology.

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