Top 3 Best Dash Cameras 2019

Want to buy the best dash cam for your car in 2019!

As your extra set of eyes on the road quality dash car cams offer you peace of mind and are growing exponentially in popularity.

Their multi-fold benefits that include ensuring your safety as also allowing for big savings in insurance premium, probably makes them the most important piece of tech in your car.

When Buying A Dash Cam

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Here are top 6 tips to make you a well-informed buyer so you get it right the first time

  • Choose a dual channel (2-CH) dash cam over a single channel (1-CH) to record both front and rear for enhanced safety.
  • Always prefer a camera with ample storage, preferably with JDR tech which does not require formatting and offers an automatic rebooting function for better safety and storage.
  • Insist on a minimum of FULL HD (1080P) dash cam so you don’t compromise on image clarity and avoid poor quality or pixelated images. However, dash cams with 3K and more are always better.
  • Dash cams with Wi-Fi connectivity that can be controlled through mobile apps are easier to operate.
  • Always choose a dash cam with night-time vision or low light recording quality to record high-quality images at all times. Leading Sony Starvis sensors are popular for excellent night time video quality.
  • Dash cams with wide angle view of 150-degree and rotatable lens capture more of your surroundings to show you more impressive footage.

Top Dash Cameras to Buy in Australia for 2019

For those looking to buy a dashcam but not exactly sure where and what to look for, we’ve put a handy buying guide to make the right choice.

Best 3K Dash Cam – IROAD TX9 Australia’s first 3K & 2CH Full HD

A complete and intuitive 3K dash cam, it comes equipped with the latest Sony STARVIS image sensor (6.0M) for crystal clear recordings. Superior and innovative technology allows it to capture images at three times that of conventional HD dash cameras.

Reasons to Buy IRoad TX9

  • 3K QHD & FHD 2CH with 3.5 IPS full touch LCD
  • X-Vision for intelligent night vision and sharp images even in low light environments
  • Sony STARVIS image sensors for ultimate sharpness
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (LDWS, FCWS, FVDW)
  • 150-degree wide angle
  • Wi-Fi connectivity through IROAD mobile app
  • Prevents battery discharge
  • Format free storage system using JDR tech (Auto recovery system)
  • Minimum electricity  consumption (2.9W/ 2CH basis)
  • Parking mode recording with motion
  • External GPS to map location and speed
  • Supports up to 256 GB

IROAD TX9 Dash Camera


Best Full HD Dash Camera – IROAD X9

Winner of Red Dot design award 2018, the revolutionary design of IROAD X9 offers cutting-edge performance. Powerful hardware and Full HD stable quality in front and rear with 30frames offers seamless recordings. The award-winning dash cam stand out for high-performance tech and advanced driver assistance systems for enhanced safety

Reasons to Buy IRoad X9:

  • 2CH – 1080 P with 30 FPS FHD & FHD (Front and Rear)
  • X-Vision for intelligent night vision and sharp images even in low light environments
  • Sony STARVIS image sensors for ultimate sharpness
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) road safety warning systems for audio/ visual alerts for lane departure(LDWS), Front Collision(FCWS) and Front Vehicle departure (FVDWS)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to manage your dash cam with the dedicated IROAD app
  • Format Free (Auto recovery system)
  • Advanced 24 Hour Parking Mode with motion detection and audio alerts
  • Minimum electricity consumption (2.9w/2CH basis)

IRoad X9 Dash Cam


Best Night Vision Dash Camera – IROAD X1 Full HD

The single channel FULL HD dash cam captures FHD 1080P at 60 FPS to record even at high speed. Equipped with the latest Sony STARVIS image sensors, it captures vivid night recordings and high-resolution images even in low light or night. IAs a single channel dash cam it is the perfect solution for ute drivers.

Reasons to Buy IRoad X1:

  • 60 FPS at FHD 1080P for super vivid driving video
  • Road safety warning system with ADAS with audio and visual alerts
  • Latest Sony STARVIS sensors for outstanding visibility under sunlight and starlight
  • Intelligent night vision that automatically increases the recording brightness to three times higher in low-lights to record bright and clear images during parking and driving modes.
  • 150-degree wide angle to capture more
  • Format free; Auto-recovery
  • Minimum electricity consumption of 1.4w
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with IROAD app track, check, playback videos anytime
  • External GPS to track speed, location and time
  • All glass lens for more stable performance even at higher temperature

IRoad X1 Dash Cam


Best Dash Cam 2019 in Australia

Your search for the best dash car cam ends here!

IROAD is world’s leading dash camera manufacturer and now brings the latest tech at incredibly affordable price to your doorstep. So whether you’re looking to buy dash cam online or at a store near you, you can now buy with confidence. Call 1300 818 622 today to discover the best dash cams online.