Best Dash Cams Under $900

A quality dash cam for your car is a sound investment!

The dash car cam works as evidence in case of an accident and helps you save on insurance premiums too. But with so many dash car cams in the market, which dashcam under $900 is best for you?

Dash Camera Buying Guide

A quality dash cam must offer clear quality footage and then some more. Here’s a quick guide of the things you must consider to buy best dash cam

  1. Video Clarity – Choose a minimum of FULL HD and check for video samples first.
  2. 2CH (Front and Rear) – Choosing 2CH dashcam offers you more value and safety for your money.
  3. Loop recordings– Prefer car cameras that record in a loop of 3 – 5 minutes and where old videos will be overwritten by new videos. IROAD uses JDR format for better safety and ease of use.
  4. FoV (Field of View) – The wider the angle of video coverage by a camera the better. The best camera can record 150 degrees.
  5. Parking Recording With Motion Sensors– A dash cam with 24/7 parking recording is a great asset and is a good choice to ensure your vehicle’s safety.
  6. Night-Recording quality – Probably the most critical ability of a dash cam to capture images and videos in low light environment.

Best Dash Cameras under $900

Investing in an affordable and cheap dash cam does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on top-class features. Whether you are looking to capture your road trips or prefer a quality dash cam for your car to safeguard your family’s safety, here are the top 3 best dash cameras under $900 that offer the best bang for your buck.


The IROAD X1 boasts of class-leading features of top dash cam models such as 150-degree wide angle and intelligent night vision. It offers best-in-class Sony STARVIS image sensor and an intelligent night vision. Capable of recording FHD 1080P at 60 FPS to record super vivid driving video especially at high-speed driving.

The single channel dash cam has intelligent night vision and comes equipped with top-class advanced driver assistance systems at a great price to offer you excellent value for money and peace of mind.

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The award-winning full HD dash cam with advanced driver assistance systems features revolutionary design and class-leading technology at a very affordable price. IROAD X9front camera featuresa150-degree wide angle ensuring it covers the entire view of the driver’s windscreen. Sony STARVIS and Sony EXMOR sensors ensure the ultimate image quality regardless of lighting conditions, producing sharp image quality great for identifying people, vehicles and objects. With stable FHD recordings at 30 FPS in both front and rear windscreen and equipped with smartphone pairing with built-in Wi-Fi, it allows you to manage your dash cam with a dedicated IROAD app (available on Google play store and Apple app store) to view videos in real time.

A great value for money, it also features advanced 24-hour parking mode and motion detection with high-quality voice guidance is feature packed with and adopts format free technology. 

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The premium entry-level dash cam that meets all your dash cam needs, the IROAD A4 combines powerful technology and elegant design at a very affordable price. The IROAD A4 Full HD dash cam comes loaded with best-in-class features without the heavy price tag.

The ultimate choice for budget-conscious buyers looking to buy a quality dash camera, the budget-friendly dash cam captures clear, sharp Full HD 1080P footage during both daytime and lowlight. The advanced 24-hour parking mode apart, it also features continuous recording mode, impact recording mode and motion recording as also format free auto recovery system.

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Buy Best Dash Cam for your car today!

Dash cams are a must have accessory for car owners and commercial fleet owners alike.

We are world’s leading dash camera manufacturer known for engineering highly reliable and high-performance dash cams that never disappoint. With IROAD, you are assured the highest quality at a very affordable price.

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