Best Wide Angle Car Dash Cam Under $700

Shopping for a top premium dash cam that is just right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of best premium dash cams under $700 that not only offer a wide viewing angle but also the best bang for your buck.

Should The Angle Of A Dash Cam Be As Big As Possible?

The field of view (FoV) is equally important if not more, than a dash cam’s resolution and night vision. Premium quality dash cams like those of IROAD Australia have an impressive 150-degree angle of view that allows you to record in-depth footage even from adjacent road lanes or footpath. However, while a viewing angle of 170-degree may seem to capture more imagery, it comes at the cost of distortion, decreased resolution and makes things look further away.

Since your choice of dash cam depends on your unique requirements, we have listed the best dash cams under $700 across 4 major broad categories

Best Dash Cam with Intelligent Night Vision Dash Camera

  • IROAD X1

The sophisticated IROAD X1 features excellent 150-degree wide-angle view, intelligent night vision powered by class-leading SONY STARVIS image sensors. Which is why the IROAD Dash CAM X1 is incredible in capturing high-res clear and sharp images in daylight as well as at night. The full HD 60 fps video recordings offer smoother playback and better video quality even at high speeds. In addition to that, it has an advanced driver assistance system with audio and video alerts, format-free recording and consumes just 1.4W of electricity consumption. As a feature-rich dash cam, the IROAD X1 is without a doubt the best choice for those looking for a dash cam to ensure safety at all times.


Best Dash Cam with Remarkable FHD 2CH Wi-Fi Dash Camera

  • IROAD X9

More accurate, clear and superior recordings at an affordable price!

Need wide-angle footage with a 150-degree field of view and two cameras that capture front and rear Full HD recordings? IROAD X9’s class-leading SONY STARVIS and SONY Exmor image sensors and intelligent night vision give you enhanced image quality that is crystal clear. The dash cam comes with class-leading driver assisted technologies for audio and visual alerts whenever there is a risk of crash or collision. All glass lens, GPS, 3 recording modes, a dedicated IROAD mobile app and best-in-class features make it the ultimate value for money 2CH Wi-Fi dash cam for your vehicle.


Best Dash Cam with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

  • IROAD Q9

A Red-Dot Award 2018 winner, the IROAD Q9 is a top premium dash cam that is compact yet scores big on aesthetics and performance. The 2CH Full HD front and rear cameras capture stable recordings with the reliability and performance of powerful ARM Cortex-A7 MP Core Processor V3. Equipped with an advanced 24-hour parking mode, the dash cam has motion detection and parking mode to ensure complete protection even in your absence. If you’re looking for a dash cam that is well under $700 and scores high on the ability keep you and your family safe, the IROAD Q9 is the best pick.


Best Dash Cam with Powerful Hardware

  • IROAD A4

The IROAD A4 1CH dash cam comes equipped with a 142-degree wide angle lens to minimise blind spots while the advanced 24-hour parking mode with motion detection and parking mode allows IROAD A4 to run 24 hours a day. The JDR format-free tech offers smart technology and automatic rebooting that guarantees safety of the device and its saved contents. The built-in Wi-Fi and dedicated smartphone app and powerful hardware make it the popular choice of car owners.


Buy Premium Dash Cam at IROAD

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Whether to avoid cash for crash claims, or for capturing the best parts of your road trip, buying a premium dash cam was never so easy. As world’s leading dash camera manufacturer, IROAD is world-renowned for engineering highly-reliable, high-performance dash cameras that never disappoint.

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