Best Dash Cams 2019: 3 Top Picks For Your Car

Want to know which is the best dash cam for your car?

We have cherry-picked a list of affordable dash cams to offer you only the best of tech for your vehicle.  Feature-packed with the latest tech, these dash cams are a pleasure to own and the ultimate way to protect yourself.

3 Best Dash Cam 2019 for your Car


Remarkable FHD 2CH Wi-Fi Dash Camera

IROAD X9 is the all-rounder dash cam everyone loves! In this 2C system, the front camera is equipped with class-leading Sony STARVIS sensor while the rear features Sony Exmor sensors to record at 1080p at 30fps for super vivid driving videos. These have an intelligent night vision that automatically adjusts the brightness of the video recording using sensors embedded in the front and rear.

IRoad X9


The IROAD X9 is further equipped with advanced road safety warning systems to enhance safety, comfort and give voice warnings if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane or when it is at risk of an imminent crash.In addition to the 90° rotatable lens for greater flexibility, IROAD X9 boasts of the widest cam lenses – 150 ° in front and 145 ° at the rear.

It comes with a highly intuitive and versatile IROAD mobile app that supports both Apple and Android based platforms. The mobile app allows easy access to watch the live screen on your dash cam or to save memorable moments with ease. The amazing video detail is further matched by high-quality voice guidance and voice recording. The IROAD X9 features continuous video recording mode, motion detection and parking mode for ultimate safety.

With a minimum electricity consumption of only 1.4 W, proprietary JDR file format and mini USB in rear camera, the IROAD X9 packs in plenty of more in it so you get more out of it. No wonder, you can never go wrong with the IROAD X9.


Australia’s First Ultra 3K QHD Dash Camera

Remarkable ultra 3K QHD (Quad HD) at 60fps video recordings of IROAD TX9 outshines most models in its class under both day and night conditions. It has the class-leading Sony Starvis sensors on board with a 6MP resolution for 4 times better resolution than even the best HD dash cams. It also has a SONY Exmor sensor for the rear camera along with intelligent night vision that automatically turns up the brightness to 3 times higher in less than 5 seconds to record bright and clear images even under low light environments in parking and driving mode.

IROAD TX9 Dash Camera


One of the stylish and high-performing car dash camera in its segment, it includes 90° rotatable lens and 150° viewing angle in front and rear camera to record previously blinds spots and give you a better view. Class-leading ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) apart, the IROAD TX9 come equipped with various autonomous recording modes including motion detection and parking mode in IROAD’s JDR format free technology. Simply put, the IROAD TX9 is a great option and we’d urge you to buy this one.

It is powered by external GPS to track travelling speed, driving information and driver assistance systems. What’s more, the in-built Wi-Fi along with a dedicated IROAD app offers easy access to all your recordings anytime. In short, IROAD TX9 is a less ordinary dash cam with an extraordinary performance at an incredible price.


Intelligent night vision dash cam

IROAD X1 provides vivid night recording with high-end image sensor “SONY STARVIS” as well as high -resolution images during day time. It records 1920x1080p Full-HD at 60fps seamless video seven while high speed driving, thus making it a great choice for your commercial fleets or for car owners who often travel long road trips.

IRoad X1 Dash Cam


The compact design comes equipped with (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assistance System and intelligent night vision using the latest ISP technology for best-in-class night recording performance. It features a 90° rotatable lens for better flexibility and 150° wide viewing angle to capture more of the road ahead.

With a minimum electricity consumption of just 1.4, it literally cuts down the electric consumption by half as compared to its competitors, It utilises the proprietary JDR format free technology with automatic rebooting which guarantees the safety of the device and the data. Coupled with advanced parking mode, external GPS, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and easy-to-connect Wi-Fi mobile app where you can check playback videos anytime and anywhere, the IROAD X1 offers the best bang for your buck.

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IROAD is the world’s leading dash cam manufacturer with the highest number of car cameras sold since 2009. Well-known for engineering highly reliable, high performing cameras that never disappoint, IROAD dash cameras are considered among the world’s best.

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