7 Reasons Why a Dash Cam is So Important

You’ve invested thousands of dollars on your car and it is probably one of the most expensive items you own. Investing in the best dash cam online further ensures that you stay safe on the road. It not only safeguards you against any incident like car theft, collision or even crash for cash scam but offers a lot more. Let’s have a look.

As evidence in case of accidents

Dashcams give you concrete evidence in case of a collision.

Dash cam video footage is a more evidential footage than witness’s statements. Since a great deal of motor vehicles accidents results in disputes over what actually happened and which party is liable for those damages,  a dashcam can not only help you settle disputes in case of accidents but also minimises the risk of financial loss.

However, it is important to buy an HD dashcam with an external GPS for telemetry information to be able to use your footage in case of an accident to prove your innocence. At IROAD, latest vehicle dash cams like IROAD TX9 equipped with Sony Starvis image sensor offer front and rear ultra 3K QHD for bright and clear images even in low light environments.

Protect you from staged accidents like ‘Crash for cash’ frauds

The rising instances of ‘Crash for cash’ fraud and staged accidents can take any form. From a fraudster abruptly putting their brakes or a pedestrian simply jumping in front of your car and then using false witnesses to claim insurance. Dash cam captures video footage to help you document evidence to reduce insurance frauds.

Dash cams provide you with an extra level of protection to guard against unexpected malicious events, which you might otherwise struggle to prove. With video evidence, it is easy for the insurance company to arrive at the right conclusion. However, make sure to choose at least a full HD dash cam with intelligent night vision to capture sharp clear images even at night.

Not only will this reduce the financial burden of fraud overall, but by proving that you were not responsible for such a staged accident, you could save yourself from being held at fault for a collision.

Assures you a safer ride

NSW, the state with the highest population in Australia (32%), saw the highest number of fatalities in each year from 2008 – 2017 with 29% of all the fatalities in that time period.

Usually, intersection collision and lane change collision are two examples of collisions with a high probability of disputes. Common types of accidents including nose to tail collisions, collisions with stationary objects like parked cars and poor visibility and miscalculating are large contributing factors to collisions that occur while reversing.

Therefore each of the IROAD Dash cams come with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)  to provide audio and video alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Forward Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW). It detects road markings and gives voice warnings to drivers if the vehicle beings to stray from its lane or when it is at risk of an imminent crash.

Avoid being penalised for wrongfully issued tickets

Dashcams can come to your rescue to prove your innocence in instances where you were wrongfully issued a ticket by the police. Thus, not only will it save you from paying the fine associated with the offence, but it also prevents the accumulation of points on your driving record.

Monitors your teenager’s driving

Traffic injury is the biggest killer of children under 15 and the second-biggest killer of Australians aged between 15 and 24. Latest vehicle dash cams like IROAD come with mobile app that make it easy to access your dash cam, view live footage, download or delete recordings on your mobile

Thus you can monitor the driving of your teenager to ensure they don’t land up in trouble. In addition to class-leading road safety features, intelligent night vision, 150-degree wide angle, advanced parking mode, IROAD dash cams like the IROAD X9, TX9 or X1 come equipped with GPS that allows you to record their speed as also the location on a map.

Thwarts car theft and adds an extra layer of protection when Parked

It is estimated that a car is stolen in Australia every 10 minutes and 1 in 5 cars are never recovered! While Victorians experienced the highest rates of car thefts at 29%, followed by New South Wales at 23%. So how can a dashcam help you reduce the risk of your car being stolen? IROAD dashcams come with advanced 24-hour parking mode and proprietary format free JDR technology to protect the vehicle even when left unattended.

In the motion detection and advanced parking mode, front and rear cameras automatically detect any movement before any motion. If somebody has attempted to break-in to your car or hit your car in your absence, it will automatically trigger a voice guidance on your return. Thus, without a dashcam, it would be hard to identify the culprit as also you can avoid being penalised for an insurance claim

To capture videos

Ever since dash cam recordings of a meteor exploding across Russia’s western Siberian sky started trending YouTube, video footage from dashcams has become a popular category among online viewers. You can capture scenic road trips for viewing later or uploading them on YouTube or Facebook.

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