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Why Should You Purchase A Dash Cam For Your Car?

Security and peace of mind are what vehicle owners’ desire and a dash camera precisely offers it. That’s the reason present-day vehicle owners place a top priority on buying a dash cam for their vehicles. It’s vital to know what features you need in a dash cam even before you go out to buy one. A good dash cam will have certain indispensable features and you have to check that the one you’re thinking to buy must tick all of those boxes. To help you buy the best dash cam for your vehicle, key things to consider are listed below:

Video Quality

Good video quality is among the key considerations when selecting a dash cam. Ensure the dash cam captures sharp photos and clear videos then proceed to find out its additional features. Make sure the dash cam you pick shoots FHD video (not less than 1080p is recommended). Moreover, ensure it shoots excellent night videos too. Viewing angle is also important -avoid acquiring anything less than 140° as you’ll miss out on a lot if you pick a dashcam having a narrow viewing angle. Furthermore, selecting a dash cam having X-vision technology facilitates for better night videos.

X9 from IROAD is by far the best selling dash camera in this segment of the market having remarkable Full HD in a dual 2-channel system (front and back cameras).

Dash Cam Features

Most high-end premium dash cams available these days are loaded with features like G-force sensors, GPS, motion detection, loop recording, adjustable mounts and many more features. There are many features available but you don’t require all of them. Essential features you need to look are:

  • Parking mode
  • GPS
  • G-force sensors and loop recording – this feature will automatically overwrite old videos in your dash cam; however, it will keep the ones that show footage of when your vehicle received a high impact hit.
  • Good quality night vision features such as X-vision and quality image sensors such as the SONY brand.
  • ADAS – advanced driver assistance systems

Unrevealing & Guarded

Acquiring a dash cam that is unrevealing and stays guarded is highly recommended. That’s because while driving, you wouldn’t like to get distracted by a large dash cam. Black would be the ideal colour to pick.

How Much Should You Spend On A Dash Cam?

It is important to look for a quality dash cam. Very cheap dash cams will end up being poor quality and will not give you the features you need. It is imperative to check out the features and/or get advice from your local automotive or car audio store that sells dash cameras.


Dependability is one of the vital considerations you’re looking to get out of your dash cam, so it’s crucial to look out for a reputed and trustworthy brand. Indeed, it can be very tempting to risk dependability for a low-cost price tag and doing so could likely land you in troubled waters. Well, it’s best to look out for prominent brands like IROAD to buy the best dash cam for your vehicle. IROAD is highly reliable, comes with a warranty and it backed by great customer support if needed.

A Final Word

Before making a buying decision, think about the features you actually need. A dash camera can be a helpful accessory for your car, so invest your valuable time to pick one that ticks all the right boxes.