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Become an Authorised IROAD Dash Cam Dealer in Australia?

A little about dash cameras that you need to know

Dash cameras are also known as an in-car camera or car cams and they usually come with in-built GPS systems. a dash camera is a very important tool when it comes to maintaining documented evidence about an accident or crime, for both legal and insurance purposes. With technological advancements in the photography world, cameras can capture crystal clear images and also record top-quality videos with amazing accuracy. The Dash cam’s in-built GPS facilitates you to monitor the exact location of a vehicle and the route it has taken, which is fantastic for both personal and business use. Dash cams are also convenient when you want to record any fishy (strange) activities taking place around your vehicle when it is parked. Apart from these legal perspectives, dash cameras can be put to other good uses as well such as recording beautiful videos of memorable road trips and vacations, and more.

Do you want to become a dash cam dealer/reseller?

If you are already into selling auto parts or completely new to this, here is an opportunity for you to become an authorised IROAD dealer/reseller. In Australia, IROAD provides a fantastic opportunity to you to become an IROAD dash cam dealer and join the budding network of authorised dealers selling premium high-performing dash cameras.

All Dash Cams

Here is the list of current dealers/resellers of IROAD Australia:

Alright, you can also join this esteemed list of dealers/resellers if you have the passion of selling dash cameras or you strongly believe that you could work harder to become a successful dash cam dealer. Well, if you have made up your mind to become an IROAD dash cam dealer/reseller, then the very next thing that you must do is to follow the below-mentioned simple procedure:

  • Download the application form.
  • Send the duly filled application form to
  • Once the application is received, IROAD Australia will review your application.
  • Once your application is accepted, IROAD will send you an agreement and credit application form to become an authorised dealer/reseller of IROAD dash cams.
  • Upon receipt of duly filled agreement and credit application forms, you’ll be listed on IROAD Australia website and receive complete access to wholesale prices, as well as, promotions.