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4 Reasons to Own a Dash Cam this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to plan and prepare for the upcoming holidays. Are you planning to drive your car to the perfect holiday destination with your family or friends? Yes!

Well, do you already own a quality dash camera? Not yet, then the time is right to invest in a quality dash camera for it can save you from a lot of hassles and help you capture beautiful moments of your adventure road trips.

Front & Rear Live Screen

How Can A Dash Camera Help You?

A high-quality dash camera can help you in four ways as listed below:

  • Serves as Evidence of an Incident or Accident

Well, a dash camera is mainly used to provide evidence of how an accident occurred in the first place, and to show the cops or insurance company that how you’re not at fault. Besides, with a quality dash cam in place, you can easily prove that the accident wasn’t your fault, even if there were no witnesses.

Let’s take an example:

Eva was driving her car on the country road when another car jumped a stop sign and t-boned (crash head-on into the side of) her car. The driver claimed that Eva hit him and even filed on her insurance. Fortunately, Eva had a dash camera mounted in her car that recorded the whole incident and she sent the video recording to the insurance company, which immediately resolved the issue.

NSW (New South Wales) has the highest population in Australia (roughly 32%) and it witnessed the maximum number of fatalities (29%) year after year between 2008 and 2017. It’s only prudent to invest in high-quality dash cameras and install them in our vehicles to make Australian roads safer.

  • Identify someone who tried Causing Harm to your Vehicle or Recover your Stolen Expensive Item

If somebody tries to harm your car while it was parked or someone tries to get away with something valuable kept inside your car – your dash camera will record it all. So your dash camera can provide you with evidence that will help you to identify the person who attempted to harm your car or help you to catch the thief and recover your stolen expensive item.

Undeniably, dash cameras are innovative devices that act as your extra pair of eyes and help protect you on the road. It’s wise to invest in a quality dash cam for the safety and peace of mind it provides.

  • Capture Memorable Road Trips

Nonetheless, what many of us don’t know about a dash camera is that it can help capture scenic landscapes while cruising along on an adventure road trip. So a dash camera provides you with an alternative way to record your holiday memories from your car.

Dash cameras help you to record brighter and sharper videos of your holiday trip, which you can upload on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook later on at your convenience. IROAD dash cameras feature built-in Wi-Fi, external GPS, intelligent night vision and lots more, so you can just set and forget to enjoy your trip.

  • Driver Gets Voice Alerts to Maintain Safety & Help Avert Accidents

Quality dash cams with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) offer powerful road safety warning system that gives audio-voice alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDWS) to the driver when the vehicle starts drifting from its lane or when there is a risk of an imminent crash.

Thus, dash cams improve the safety of the driver and passengers travelling in the car, and help protect them from accidents. Not only does the dash camera help lower accident rates but also provide savings to the car owner in the form of lower insurance payouts.

Your Search for the Best Dash Cam for your Car ends here!

IROAD is undeniably amongst the world’s leading dash camera manufacturers with sales figures for car dash cams already touching the highest numbers worldwide. Known for engineering highly-reliable, high-performance dash cams that never disappoint, IROAD dash cameras offers you the ultimate in technology at an affordable price-point, letting you buy car dash cam with confidence.

Call us at IROAD Australia on 1300-818-622 and speak to our dash cam specialist for the best dash camera recommendation for your needs and budget or visit our website to uncover exciting deals on a range of our high-quality dash cameras.